5 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants to Break Up with You

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants to Break Up with You

Everybody knows that relationships don’t exactly come with a guarantee card or a fixed expiry date. You can never gauge or judge the exact time or point in your relationship when the other person may start losing interest in you. Miscommunications, decreasing patience levels, misunderstandings and a lot more contribute to break ups. And while break ups are painful and require a lot of effort on your part to overcome them, you can still be prepared for them by noticing some signs in your partner that indicate that the storm is about to come. Here are a few signs that your boyfriend probably wants to break up with you.

1. Less Interactions

Has he gone very quiet lately? Has he stopped discussing about his work life or private life with you? That’s probably because he doesn’t feel like talking to you now. It could be because of you not being comforting enough for him, or him finding the same comfort and ease in conversations with someone else now.

2. Forgetfulness

He’s forgetting anniversaries, your birthday, important lunch dates or other events… Maybe because he is consciously trying to avoid you and subconsciously doesn’t want to be near you… These kinds of things indicate that you are less important to him now, and that he doesn’t care the same way about you.

3. Obvious Cheating

He’s going out more with another girl, or you’ve seen them getting close to each other physically and emotionally. Clearly, he’s getting attracted to someone else, and may soon want to break up with you.

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