5 Tips to Dress Up for the Beach

5 Tips to Dress Up for the Beach

Dressing up for the beach is not just about putting on a sexy bikini. There is a lot more to it. Here are a few tips to look great at the beach and show off your best appearance to onlookers.

1. Wear nice beach hats

Large rimmed hats look great on women of all ages and are great beach accessories too. Not only do they provide protection from the sun but they also add a lot of fun and chutzpah to a plain swimsuit. Women wearing beach hats may also garner more attention than the others.

2. Wear a cover up

Wearing a cover up can serve different purposes for different people. Women with large body frames can hide their thunder thighs with cover ups while women with slimmer body frames can wear maxis and handkerchief dresses to look voluptuous. Sarongs, handkerchief dresses, maxis, large scarves or shirt dresses can also help in avoiding a total tan at the beach.

3. Carry a pair of floral shorts or hot pants

Stone washed denim hot pants or shorts with large floral and cartoon motifs are hot this season. If you are planning to hang around at the beach for long, you might want to change it up a little by adding a tiny pair of shorts to your look.

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