Top 7 Reasons To Get Married

Top 7 Reasons To Get Married

A recent research states that most youth believe marriage to be obsolete. Most shudder from even the thought of having to say goodbye to their bachelorhood. They’d rather stick to one night stands and live-ins to satisfy their lonely hearts. But I’d like to disagree. There are plenty of advantages of being married that singles don’t get to enjoy. If you get married to the right person, married life is any day better than staying single all your life. I’ll tell you why.

1. Marriage gives you commitment

No matter how much you may shun away away from commitment, deep down inside everyone longs for someone whom they can take for granted. Everyone longs for a person whom they can call their own. If you don’t have such a person in your life, I can bet you must be really lonely. Marriage is the best form of commitment. There is certainly something about going to the altar with the one you love and professing your feelings in front of God, and hundreds of witnesses. That feeling cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.

2. Marriage makes you happy

Happiness might be relative. But waking up every morning into the arms of the one you love and knowing that they love you back will make you more happy than you can imagine. The best part about marriage is that it binds you to the other person for life, making that person your family member now. Studies reveal that in the long run, married people tend to be about 135% happier than those who are unmarried.

3. Marriage helps you to live longer

Married people are constantly occupied. If it is not work, it is managing the family, spending time with each other and with the children. Whatever it is, married people always seem to have something or the other coming up. As a result they don’t have the time to think about unnecessary problems. As a result, married people are less prone to heart diseases when compared to unmarried people. Due to this, they also tend to live longer as compared to their unmarried friends.

4. Marriage improves your financial condition

Often unmarried people don’t give a damn about the future. They don’t have any kind of responsibility to back them up when it comes to their careers. Hence, many-a-times these singlebees tend to get lethargic. Married people on the other hand constantly have the responsibility of looking after their family, backing them up. It is this responsibility that constantly keeps them on their toes. Due to all of this, in the long run, they are the ones who generally end up improving their financial condition and earning lots of money.

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