7 Reasons Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook

7 Reasons Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook

Just when Facebook was about to enter its pinnacle of glory, it has been receiving threats from a tough competitor. Google, the Godfather of Internet has come up with a new site known as Google Plus. Now why is Google Plus better than Facebook? Read to find out.

1. Privacy Settings

You may argue that Facebook has a great privacy feature where you can block certain people from viewing your profile, photos, videos and other information. However you cannot deny the fact that these privacy settings are more complicated than ever. It often creates confusions due to which you may end up making various blunders.

In real life, we like to expose certain areas of our life only to certain people. Just like you wouldn’t show your wild side to your boss, you certainly wouldn’t want to show your nerdy side to your buddies. Google Plus understands this and respects your privacy. It contains a feature known as Circles. This feature creates a different page of yours for different groups of people. You can create a totally separate circle for your family, a separate circle for your friends and a totally separate circle for your bosses. Even under your friends, you can create different circles of friends. For example, your drinking buddies can be in one circle, your girly friends in another and all the hotties you wish to impress can be in another. Because of this unique feature, it becomes to easy to share different things with different people.

2. Virtual Meetings

You can’t deny how annoying walling on Facebook can be. Let alone the privacy part, but when you and another friend are trying to have a conversation, you’ll find somebody else bumping right into it. To avoid this, you may resort to sending messages over to your friend’s Facebook inbox. But where is the fun in that? What are we living in 1952? This is the 21st century. The 21st century calls in for something definitely cooler than that.

The Google Plus feature called ‘Hangouts’ is a life-saver for all those who are waiting for the technology of teleporting to arrive. For the very first time, unplanned bumping into each other is introduced online. Google Plus lets you select your favorite people or a complete circle to know that you are hanging out. These specially chosen people can drop by to have a face-to-face chat with you if they wish and if they are also online at the same time.

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