Top 6 Reasons for Breakup

Top 6 Reasons for Breakup

In spite of falling in love, being with each other for a considerable amount of time, sharing so much about each other and even considering living together for the rest of their lives, couples do break up. What exactly are the reasons for breakup between couples? If you want to know about them, read 6 such reasons for breakup over here.

1. Sexual Incompatibility

Before long, one may realize that one is not physically or sexually compatible with one’s partner. This is one of the major reasons why breakups happen. You may suddenly realize that you are no longer enjoying the most intimate moments you share with your partner and would then look for breaking up the relationship so as to be able to look for someone else.

2. Excessive Manipulation

If one of the partners is manipulative, inevitably, the other will drift apart and it will eventually lead to a breakup. If you think that either one of you is manipulative, that is, you try and control your partner’s every move or vice versa, then you may be heading towards a breakup. Manipulation hinders independence that the individuals involved in a relationship have and thus results in eventual separation.

3. Boredom

Sometimes couples are just bored with the relationship they are in. If nothing exciting happens for over a long period of time, if they do not go out on vacations for many months at a stretch or follow the same monotonous routine day after day, then one might begin to consider rethinking the relationship. Plain boredom, undoubtedly, is one of the major reasons for breakup.

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