How To Look Like Avril Lavigne?

How To Look Like Avril Lavigne

Avril is mostly known for her unconventionality. She looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t take too much trouble to dress up, yet turns up looking like a million bucks. Many boys are quite charmed by this punky pop singer’s sense of style. If your boyfriend is also smitten by her, surprise him by dressing up like his favorite celeb. And even if you are the smitten one, this article is perfectly for you. Get the Avril Lavigne look today.

1. Work on your hair

Avril’s trademark is her hair. Her hair is super straight and is teamed up with a middle parting. So your hair straightener will have to become your best friend. Her hair is long, very long. She keeps most of her hair in the front of her shoulders. You are allowed to have bangs but only if they are really long. You are also allowed to have layers, but they have to be barely seen and should be at the bottom of your hair. You are allowed to color your hair light brown or dark blonde only. You may even dye one stand of your hair to hot pink.

2. Do your makeup Avril style

The next focal point is the makeup she wears. As far as possible, keep your look natural. Avril uses lots of kohl for her eyes both on the top and down. So a dark-colored bold eye liner, mascara and black eye shadow is more than perfect for your “Avril-look”. Keep your lips nude, except for a lip-colored lip gloss. As for your nails, go black!

3. Wear lots of blacks

Next your wardrobe has to be filled with lots of blacks. If not black, you may settle for other darker colors. Navy blue, bottle green or dark gray will work perfectly. If you want to go light, white is the only option. As Avril is mostly seen in these colors, they will help you look more like her.

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