Top 6 Christmas Cupcake Ideas

6 Top Christmas Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes could easily be the cutest of all pastries. It is one of those little delights that offer you a lot of freedom to work. You can make the toppings in any color, shape or character you want to. The best thing about cupcakes is that since they are small you can make as many designs as you want to and it will be eaten as fast as you make them. With Christmas, you have one more reason to bake cupcakes and go a little crazy coming up with new Christmas themes to be put on top of the cupcakes. Here are a few ideas to make Christmas themed cupcakes.

1. Santa

The obvious choice for a Christmas cupcake would be Santa. You can have Santa’s face flat on top of the cupcake, or you can make miniature Santas and place it on the top. Either way Santa will give your cupcake the authentic Christmas feel.

2. Rudolph and friends

Can Santa’s trusty reindeer left behind when you are making Christmas themed cupcakes? No. You can make Rudolph as the centerpiece and also bring his friends over. Add a little cherry on top for Rudolph’s nose and the cuteness quotient would be complete.

3. Cupcake snow cabins

If you live in a hot place with no snow, you can compensate for the lack of snow by making these little snowy cabins on top of the cupcake. You can add a wafer on top to even make a chimney for the cabin.

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