5 Tips on How to Dump Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

Tips on How to Dump Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

There can be so many reasons why a relationship goes bad. He might be cheating on you, you might be cheating on him, you could have got bored, the relationship could have gotten too claustrophobic, you may want to have some time on your own, you would maybe want to experiment more before you commit, and the reasons are manifold. If you are in a relationship and you have decided to break up, it helps to get out of the relationship with less acrimony and as less tensions as possible. Irrespective of you getting back together, you do not want to make enemies or make someone hate you for life. If you want to dump your boyfriend, you need to come up with ways to do it without hurting him much. It could be difficult but it is not really impossible. Here are some tips on how to dump your boyfriend without hurting him.

1. Start doing things that would annoy him

If you had been going out for a while, you would probably know what behavior annoys him the most. Start doing those things. If your nasal twang or any habit of yours makes him mad or makes him like you less, go ahead and exaggerate it. When he starts complaining, pick up a fight and accuse him of making you miserable and dump him. If you had annoyed him much, he would only be too relived to get away from you.

2. Get him to dump you

If you think you dumping him would hurt him a lot, do things that would make him dump you. You can do this by becoming the exact opposite person he fell in love with or doing things that he hates. You can try being very remote, cool and boring. Make it gradual and do not make it obvious that you are looking to break up with him.

3. Do not tell him that it is about you and not about him

Most women do this and this only makes things worse. You will come across as being selfish and your boyfriend would only get mad and hurt. This is so cliché and also falls flat even if it is true.

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