Top 5 Ways To Talk To A Guy You Like

Top 5 Ways To Talk To A Guy You Like

Do you start to stutter and stammer when you talk to the guy you like? Why not let him do the talking instead? Here are 5 great questions to ask a guy you like. These questions are great conversation starters. They will take your interaction to the next level, rest assured.

1. Question to ask: What made you choose the line of work that you are in right now?

Tone of question : Curious

Why: Men are very passionate about their work. This one tops our list of questions to ask a guy because it develops a great foundation for a conversation. The guy will like it that you are interested in his work and will try to show off. We think that this question is best asked with a casual tone.

2. Question to ask: What type of women do you like?

Tone of the question: Casual

Why: This can be a superb question to ask a guy because it can be interpreted in many ways. The guy will need to think twice before answering and his answer will say a lot about what he looks for in women. We suggest that you keep the tone of this question extremely casual otherwise the guy may think that you’re trying hard to hit on him.

3. Question to ask: How do you like being single?

Tone of the question: Curious

Why: We all know that guys are not too big fans of commitment, don’t we? But before you jump into a relationship with a guy, it would be nice to know his views on being single and being in a relationship. That’s why we think this can be one of the questions to ask a guy. Keep the tone of this question ‘warm’ and ‘curious’ so your guy can sense the inquisitiveness in your voice.

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