6 Bags That Reveal About You

Bags frame your personality. They have a powerful impact on your looks. Quite often, you must have noticed that your look seems incomplete in spite of dressing up well. That’s when you pick up a bag and voilà! all of a sudden, your look seems perfect! The fact is, bags don’t just act as fashion accessories but also complement your personality. Hence, when you walk out of the house with your bag, you feel complete. Well, that means your bags can talk a lot about your personality! Here’s a list of 6 such bags which reveal something about their owners’ personality.

1. Beach bags

Beach bags

Photo Courtesy: malfet_

Beach bags are generally large colorful bags that are made of cloth or straw. They have an inner lining of plastic to prevent the stuff, which you keep inside, from catching moisture. If you love beach bags, it just means that you are a playful, enthusiastic and vibrant person. You are highly social. You love travelling and meeting new people. You just cannot survive as a couch potato. You get bored easily, and hence you love variety in everything, to keep your entertained.

2. The Tote

The Tote

Photo Courtesy: Breibeest

The Tote is a oversized rectangular bag that is useful for keeping many things. If you have picked this bag as your favorite, it shows that you are a hardworking individual. Once you put your mind into something, you try to achieve it at all costs. You are brave and don’t mind taking risks. Generally, tote bags are made from cloth, so this also shows that you are an eco-friendly person. Even if you put up a stubborn and strong front, you are often soft and sensitive from the inside.

3. The Clutch

The Clutch

Photo Courtesy: Hetty Rose

The Clutch, just like its name suggests, is a small rectangular purse that you can easily clutch with your fingers. It is meant to keep a few important things like cash, cosmetics, credit cards, cellphones and other petty things. It is a sign of a lethargic and impatient person. You want your life to be fast paced. You hate waiting. No matter how you portray yourself on the outside, you are a very strong person from the inside. You prefer to let go off your past and move towards the future.

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