6 Signs You are Moving from Friends to Lovers

Signs You are Moving from Friends to Lovers

Some friends are too special to continue being just friends with them. And when you slowly start moving from being friends to something more, it is something even you do not notice. It is possible that one of your best guy friends may just be the right life partner for you. But how would you know whether you are falling in love with him? How would you know that what the two of you share is no longer limited to just friendship, and is moving towards something more serious? Listed below are 6 signs that will tell you that you are moving from friends to lovers.

1. You miss him

You just can’t stand being without him. You are so much into him that you always seek his company and if even a day passes without him, you feel that something is not right. You want to be with him so much that you would even forgo other important appointments just so that you can be with him. If he goes out of town or stays away for a prolonged period of time, you feel a strange inexplicable pang triggered by his absence or even by the very thought of it.

2. You text him often

Texting has become almost a custom between you two. You are always on your phone, sharing unimportant messages with him and enjoying them as well. You have begun to actually wait for these continuous messages throughout the day, and in case of any delay in replying from his part, you begin feeling restless.

3. You talk to him over phone for long

Apart from texting, you have also begun to talk to him over the phone for long hours on a daily basis. Even if you do not have anything to talk about, you just enjoy speaking to him and asking him about his day and so on. This shows that you may have begun to fall for him seriously.

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