How To Apply Eyeliner?

How To Apply Eyeliner?

As easy as it may seem, applying eyeliner in the right way is like an art only mastered by a few. The shape of the eyes can be accentuated by the way you apply your liner and the right application can get a lot of attention to your eyes. There are various types of liners in the market, some liquid, some in pencil form while some in a cream or a gel form. The most important thing that you girls should remember while buying an eyeliner is how long lasting it is and the ease of application. You can consult your friends before making a choice like most of us already do!

  1. The first technique to apply a liner is to give your eyes a more rounded look. You will be able to apply the liner better if you pull the skin of your eye a little outwards using your index finger. Start applying the liner carefully from the inner corner and slowly giving it a rounded shape, bring it outwards. While going outwards, try to apply it a little thick so as to give your eye a rounded look.
  2. To achieve a simple look for day to day purposes, start applying the liner from the inner corner and keeping it close to the lashes, making a thin line, connect it to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. To make your eyes look smaller, start with a thick line from the inner corner and gradually narrow it down towards the outer edge of the eye making it thinner towards the end.
  4. For making your eyes look more prominent, start by applying your liner from the inner corner of your eye and slowly make it a little thick in the centre. This can be slightly difficult but it is only a matter of time. As you reach the outer edge, make the line thinner again connecting it towards the outer edge.
  5. To give your eyes a retro look, start applying the liner in a similar manner as mentioned above. Glide it as a thin line till the outer edge and when you reach the outer corner, tweak it a little upwards.

These are some of the most common ways of applying eyeliner and once you girls start using these techniques, it would just take you a few seconds to apply an eyeliner and rush to the party after some final touches. There are a variety of colors available in the market, so just be sure of which color suits your eyes and the outfit that you are wearing and the rest will just follow.

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