5 Tips To Impress Your Boss

It’s okay if you’ve had a bad time with your boss because that’s a part of doing a job. We often get faced with the million dollar question, “How will you impress your boss?” Here is your answer, ladies. Check out some great tips with which you can use to impress your boss.

1. Be a woman of your word

Have you ever said to your boss, “Don’t worry about that report, John. I’ll make sure that it is completed by tomorrow”? We hope you actually make sure that the report gets completed by the next day. Do you know why? Because bosses like it when subordinates deliver work on time. You can impress your boss by delivering the work that you promised on time.

2. Learn to let go

If you thought that you are overloaded with work and have many deadlines to meet, can you imagine how frustrating your boss’ work would be? Besides doing his own work, he also has to manage subordinates like you. It is only natural that you might bear the brunt of your boss’ frustration from time to time. Impress your boss by taking it chin up, and accepting that people can lose their temper from time to time. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you’ve been mature and calm during their temper tantrums.

3. Take responsibility

Isn’t it common to see the blame game go on full swing when things are out of order? “Hey it’s not my fault. Monica was supposed to call the customer back and inform them about the misprint on the letter” or “What can I do if I couldn’t get through to the client on the phone? She handles the account and she should take responsibility” are examples of a typical workplace scenario gone wrong. You can impress your boss by taking responsibility for your actions and your goof ups. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you could say, “Sorry Ben, it has been an oversight on my behalf. Allow me to fix it up by personally calling the customer and apologizing to him. I will send a follow up email to you and Terry when it has been done”. Your boss will appreciate words like these.

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