Top 5 Tips To Protect Your Child From Underage Drinking

Top 5 Tips To Protect Your Child From Underage Drinking

“Gracy, did you attend the workshop in school that day? It was about developing your parenting skills so as to protect your child from underage drinking”, said Rochelle. “I wasn’t able to attend because of prior commitments. Can you fill me in on what went on in this parenting workshop?”, requested Gracy. “Oh sure. Here’s what the instructor advised”, Rochelle started off.

1. Alcohol isn’t cool

“Here is the primary parenting tip that the workshop instructor gave us. You must inject in your child’s mind that vices like alcohol and smoking aren’t cool at all. If their favorite rock stars or celebrities are consuming alcohol, show them how badly it has affected their personal lives”, said Rochelle.

2. Check your child’s company

“As they correctly say, one rotten apple can spoil the whole basket”, said Rochelle, sharing parenting tips from the workshop with Gracy. “That’s true. We can stop our children’s induction or exposure to underage drinking by observing what kind of friends they have, what places they frequent, how they perform in school and what families they come from.”

3. Talk to your child openly about the dangers of underage drinking

Parenting underage kids against alcohol is a tough call, friends. That’s because you have to somehow explain the complicated emotional, health and legal consequences of underage drinking to them in simple words. The best parenting skill to adopt here is to sit them down and have a freewheeling chat about such sensitive issues.

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