5 Ways To De-clutter Your Home

5 Ways To De-clutter Your Home

“ Clutter” – the word itself seems too full of letters. If the word itself makes you cringe, just imagine how will you feel if your home is full of it. Piles of paper on the table, thick books on the nightstand that you can hardly see the clock, closets overstuffed with clothes that you can never find what you are looking for and kitchen cabinets full of empty chip bags. Sounds familiar? Consider these simple tips to de-clutter your home- Clear up a little space around the house and breathe easy!

1. Clear your closets

You can’t simply part away with your old clothes, though you have had them enough but still you emotionally connect with them and the new ones are in too. You have to make up your mind to do something about it, as they might not give the new ones the required space. So be honest to yourself and get rid of those clothes the mirror does not agree with. You now even make money through eBay and craigslist. Someone might like that retro T-shirt you have!

2 .Go to the library

Borrowing one book at a time not only saves time and money but will cut down clutter and keep your conscience clear. Donate your own books (those that you have read) to needy people. Ask yourself every time whether you will really reread a particular book, do you really have the time? if not give it away.

3. Clear the kitchen cabinets

Choose one cabinet at a time and clear off things that have already expired straight into the trash. Excessive buying of grocery simply ends up in waste. Choose to make a list of stuff you require and buy that much. Do not overdo.

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