How To Make Smokey Eyes?

How To Make Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye look has been in for a while now and guess what? It works! It adds the necessary drama that you require and also makes you look hot and ravishing! Not just black and dark brown, but purple, navy blue and even bottle green are the colors that you can use to get the smokey eye effect. Make sure, your lips are light, glossy and preferably nude. Read ahead to know the steps to follow to get the smokey eye look.

1. Apply a concealer as the base

Apply a thick lighter base coating or a concealer under and above your eye. This will help the eye shadow to stay on your lids and not accumulate at the folds. The concealer will also highlight the eye shadow area, from your brow bone to the edge of your eyelids.

2. Next, put on kohl or your eye pencil

Liquid eyeliners are not a very big help when it comes to getting smokey eyes because they don’t smudge or blend easily. So, going for an eye pencil or kohl will be a better idea. Outline your upper and lower lid carefully.
Tip: Outline your upper eye liner in a way that it is thick at the center and thin at the edges.

3. Apply your eye shadow

Use a dark shade for your eye shadow and apply it with the help of a q-tip brush.
Tip: You can also use your finger tip.

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