Top 5 Breakup Lines and Their Hidden Meanings

Top 5 Breakup Lines and Their Hidden Meanings

Breakup lines and their real meaning despite being complementary are often distant. Breakup is a very brutal and tragic way to end a relationship. It is something that you gave your time, energy and effort. But when you are at the receiving end, it is even terrible. You may be in a different location but breakup lines are often similar or the same. Irrespective of what is said and done, their real meaning is often hidden and dawns on you much later than it should. Here are the top 5 breakup lines along with their hidden meanings.

1. ‘You are too good for me and I don’t really deserve you’

The ego seldom accepts the fact. There is hardly anyone who will breakup with a God’s gift to them. The person who makes this statement often feels the other way round. He or she is not going to accept that fact and will not want to make the breakup sound terrible from his or her end.

2. ‘It was never you. It has always been me’

This one has a lot of semblance to the earlier statement. The proof of the pudding lies in the breakup. When he/she says that he/she was responsible for the problems, it is most probably the biggest lie. If they are not going to be good enough for you when you are obviously the best as per their claim, how are they going to be good enough for someone else? The statement simply means that it has always been you.

3. Our relationship is too good to be true

This is a real winner and it is ridiculously true that some people manage to pull it off. If a relationship is extremely good, then why on earth will someone want to end it? The statement is a mere garb for reality which actually means he/she is finding the relationship extremely boring and has other important things to devote his/her time to.

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