How to Use Mineral Makeup to Accentuate Your Beauty?

How to Use Mineral Makeup to Accentuate Your Beauty?

In ancient Egypt, women used antimony as a face powder to accentuate their beauty. But presently, we have come far from it. There are hordes of products that claim to work miracles on your skin. However, this at the same time means, that one might get confused with the number of products available. Bare Escentuals was the first company to come up with mineral makeup. For those with sensitive skin and who are more prone to allergies the best thing to do is to avoid chemical based makeup as much as possible. Instead use mineral makeup as it’s free from gluten, talc, bismuth oxide and other such chemicals. These chemicals are added to increase the shelf life of cosmetics, but are harmful for the skin at the same time. Mineral makeup is light on your skin and gives a natural glow as it does not clog the pores. Thus, your skin can breathe freely. Here are the facts to keep in mind while applying mineral makeup.

1. Moisturize your skin

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you should always moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Since mineral makeup counts on the natural oil of your skin to adhere to your skin, your face will look flaky if it’s dry. Thus optimum amount of moisturizing is important.

2. Keep it natural

For those with a fair complexion, the nude look is always the best while the bronzed complexion looks best with natural shade of the foundation. It should be applied in very small amounts to keep the natural feel of the skin. Besides, while applying foundation you should keep in mind that you apply it such that it enhances the natural contours of your face.

3. Enhance your eyes

While applying eye makeup you should always give a well defined look to your eyes and any smudging should be avoided. The more sharp and well defined the eye makeup, the more natural your face looks.

The fact that ‘the lesser the better’, is what the entire concept of mineral makeup is based on. Natural beauty is enjoyed and at the same time envied by all. So, use mineral makeup for a naturally beautiful and radiant skin.

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