10 Reasons You Might be a Social Media Junkie

 Reasons You Might be a Social Media Junkie

Wondering how your BFF’s almost always ‘online’ whenever you start up your Whatsapp? Even you have this compulsive feeling that you have to announce to the world that you just got out of bed? When every activity of yours just ‘needs’ to be made public, you’ve transformed yourself into a social media addict. Here are some hints that you may be a social media junkie. Identify your level of addiction and avoid becoming a social media spider!

1. Your written communication is abbreviated

You use short forms of possibly all words, right from ‘u’ to ‘btw’. While this is fine as long as it is limited to texts to friends and siblings, forgetting that your elders might not follow your ‘jargon’ shows your addiction to social language.

2. Your BBM pin is more frequently used than a safety pin

When you would rather ‘work’ upon your social image than your real image, you translate into a social media junkie. This is when household chores take a backseat and you feel this compulsion to ping every now and then. Watch out, ladies!

3. You have at least 3 social sites’ accounts

You may justify this with a million innocent reasons like study purposes, catching up with friends and simply relaxing. But, having multiple social media accounts (FB, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and the likes) will just spell out that you are a media junkie dear.

4. Your cell phone’s glued to your palm

Can’t let your phone out of your sight for even 5 seconds? Your fingers are furiously dashing across your touch screen texting, uploading, liking and pinning stuff online? Beware! You’ve caught the social media fever.

5. People miss you on Twitter

‘Are you fine honey?’. ‘ Hey kiddo, you’ve not taken ill, right?’. If these are the kind of posts that you find on your Twitter page for not having ‘tweeted your status’ for just a day, then you have evolved into a social networking junkie.

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