Top 5 Bad Habits Of Celebrities

Top 5 Bad Habits Of Celebrities

Celebrities around the world have huge fan followings. What they wear become instant style statements. Their lives are under constant scrutiny because fans want to be like them. The biggest example for this would be the very existence of the paparazzi, who follow them everywhere like their shadow. Along with the glitz and the glamor are some habits also come with the package. Let us give a quick look.

1. Shopping

Didn’t you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities are always dressed perfectly on the red carpet of every occasion? Whether it is a launch of a movie, a fashion event or even charity, they always seem to be dressed for the best. This does come with a heavy price tag and hours and hours of shopping. Most celebrities are very finicky about what they wear and you can sometimes spot them in stores of famous and expensive labels. Shopping tops our list of 5 celebrity habits.

2. Lateness

Number 2 on our list is lateness. It looks like celebrities consider it derogatory to their celebrity status to arrive anywhere on time. It is their belief that arriving late would make them seem important. Watches have no place in their lives. They think of it as an accessory. So whether it is the sets of movies or functions that they attend, they prefer having people wait for them than being punctual.

3. Vanity

Vanity is one habit that seems to tag along with the rich and the famous. In comparison with some of their habits, even Narcissus is put to shame. They can be so vain and self-obsessed that most of them do not wear the same attire twice in public and are always accompanied by their team of experts to make them look and feel good wherever they go. This puts vanity as number 3 on our list.

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