10 Things That Show You Are Cheating

10 Things That Show You Are Cheating

Being cheated in a relationship is one of the most painful experiences in a person’s life. However, the situation that troubles a man more is, when he is unsure whether his better half is faithful or not. There is always a fear of being cheated and on the other side, a feeling of guilt for being suspicious about the one he loves. But, a man can not help but find out the truth. If you think you’re leaving no clue for your man to find out, read through these 10 things that show you are cheating on him.

1. You avoid his company

When a woman loves someone, she would try her best to spend as much time as she can with her partner. This, by far, is the biggest sign that you are cheating as your man would observe a drastic cut-down in the number of calls and text messages he receives from your end. You would also not want to spend as much time as you used to spend with him. You would start to give a miss to certain special things that the two of you did together. You would either get excuses like you’re way too busy with work or you’re not feeling like it.

2. You move away from his family

Another sign that you are cheating is that you would slowly and eventually start drifting away from his family. The strong bond that you shared with his family members would now seem tense and you would avoid their company altogether or seem to be uncomfortable in their presence.

3. You become overly explanative

A sign that he would notice and find strange is that you would be overly explanative if he asked a question. You would also give explanations to him without him even questioning you. The reason behind this is that you are extremely scared that you will be caught and feel that giving explanations would keep him satisfied and keep problems at bay.

4. You will be uncomfortable with physical contact

Once a lady starts cheating on her man, he would notice a considerable slack in physical intimacy between the two of them. Making love will take a backseat with you getting uncomfortable, even when he approaches you or makes the first move. You would refrain from even the casual touching or the playful punches during conversations.

5. You will have a flaring temper

At the point when someone else enters your life, you will have a tendency to lose your temper for no reason at all. You will find faults in him and criticize him. When conditions go to the extreme, you may even resort to comparing him with a ‘mysterious’ friend and would say so with a hint of admiration.

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