8 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

8 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

Every physician and dietician would ask you to keep your cholesterol level down and with reason. A high level of cholesterol can be bad for you. A high level of cholesterol in your body can block your arteries; give you a stroke and even a heart attack. There are two types of cholesterol, LDL, low density Lipoprotein and HDL, High Density Lipoprotein. Although LDL is the bad cholesterol, it helps to keep your levels of HDL down too. Sadly most foods that we find tasty contain high levels of sodium and fat and are bad for our cholesterol levels. It is always wise to watch out for foods that increase our cholesterol levels. Here are some high cholesterol foods that you must avoid.

1. Shellfish

Although you might have heard that fish is good for you, not all of them are. Shellfish especially is bad when you consider the serving size. Also they are high in cholesterol, especially oysters, mussels, clam fish and crabs. It is best to avoid eating shell fish if you cholesterol levels are already high.

2. Cream cheese

Not many of us give it a second though and spread it on our bread and bagels for breakfast. But cream cheese has a cholesterol level of 27mg per 1oz and depending on the quantity of cream cheese that you spread on your bagels this can also go up.

3. Caviar

It’s high in salt and cholesterol as much as it is expensive. The high cost keeps it off the table as an everyday food and that is good too. Caviar is a food to avoid even once in a while as even 100mg of caviar contain 588 mg of cholesterol.

4. Duck

Unlike its cousin, the chicken duck meat has a distinct flavor and is oilier. Although it is rich in proteins and vitamin B, it also contains high amount of cholesterol and you would be better off without eating it.

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