Get A Man To Want You With These 5 Tips

Get A Man To Want You With These Top 5 Tips

If you’ve been looking for answers to the question ‘how to get a man to want you’, your search ends here because we’ve got some exciting tips and advice from readers who’ve wrote in. They talk about their own experience with men and how they sparked the fancy of a man they desired. If you want to learn how to get a man to want you, read on.

1. Have fun

“Over the years, I’ve learnt that men want a fun companion”, said Meg, 28, happily settled with the man she always wanted. “We women sometimes perceive men to be serious all the time, however, that’s not always the case. They too are looking for a companion to have fun with” Are you heeding to Meg’s advice, ladies? Indulge in fun activities with him, don’t always drag him down with your worries.

2. Radiate self-confidence

We loved Gerri’s tip because it is all about showing self confidence. “Men are definitely attracted to women who can walk into a room and command attention. Not by making a scene or speaking loudly, but simply by being a confident and beautiful woman. For all the girls who want to get their man to want them, I suggest that you start practicing your sexy walk. Make sure you turn heads turn every time you walk in to the office, the pub, the club or your man’s favorite hangout joint”, said Gerri, 31.

3. Give his ego a boost

“I don’t know what it is with men and their egos but I surely know that men feel attracted to a woman who constantly gives his ego a boost. It can be as simple as telling him how handsome he looks or how hot he is”, said Kate, 24. We definitely agree with Kate on her tip. Tell your man how handsome he looks in his new suit, or how he turns you on every time you see him. Get your man to want you by making him know that you desire him.

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