7 Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

7 Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

“Is my dress prettier than hers?” “Is she looking better than me?” The comparisons we make are simply endless. But one point to understand clearly is that our differences make us unique. Instead of celebrating our differences though, we make them an excuse to beat ourselves up. It’s time to start taking ourselves seriously and just leave comparisons aside. Read on to know how you can stop comparing yourself with others.

1. Tell yourself that you are special

The way you look, the things you do and your life have your mark all over them. No one else can take or snatch them away from you. This itself should make you feel good about yourself. Simply put, you are special because there’s no one else like you.

2. Work on your image

Quite understandably, building your image can work wonders to your self-esteem. And as you foster good self-esteem, you tend to compare less. In other words, you are so into yourself that you don’t need to make comparisons with others.

3. Work on your self-confidence

A confident person knows that he or she is good and doesn’t seek external approval. Such people don’t care what others are doing but are simply concerned about achieving what is important to them. So the best way to drive comparison miles away is by being confident from within.

4. Develop a skill

Develop a skill, be it writing, singing, dancing or any other creative thing. As you excel in it, there can be no match to the happiness you attain in the process. Once you are happy within yourself, you don’t have to go on looking at other people for approval and compare yourself with others.

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