5 Signs You are Selfless

5 Signs You are Selfless

Are you putting other people’s interests, wishes or aspirations before that of yours, even if it means your wishes would remain unfulfilled? If you do, you are certainly a selfless person, one who loves to bring a smile on other’s face. Here are a few signs to know whether you are a selfless woman.

1. You do more for others

You are always willing to go any beyond your limits to do more for others. If you readily put yourself out of the way for others to achieve their goals, you are indeed a selfless lady.

2. You do things for a good cause

Are you really willing to participate in any events meant for common good, without any ulterior motive of some or other profit for you? If you think the happiness you derive from helping others is in itself rewarding, you are a truly selfless woman.

3. You give to others

Selfless women will be willing to share their belongings with others, even with those whom they find to be ungrateful. If giving away comes to you naturally, you are one among them. In most cases, giving is not as easy as it sounds to be. If you find joy in giving away your precious time, money, energy or things even to those people who just do not bother to appreciate what you do, you have become an epitome of selflessness.

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