7 Basic Steps to Apply Perfume

7 Basic Steps to Apply Perfume

Everyone needs perfume for completing their outfit. Be it your jeans or your favorite dress, a good perfume makes you feel great about your overall look. The application of a perfume is as important as choosing a good perfume. Here are basic steps on how to apply perfume.

1. Find the right perfume

This is the first and the most important step. One should not opt for a perfume just because it is a designer one. Always ensure that the bottom notes and the top notes of the perfume are amazing. For finding out whether the bottom notes are as per your taste, a little perfume can be sprayed at the back of the wrist. After 20 minutes or so, try smelling the perfume again.

2. Apply it on dry skin

More perfume is absorbed by the skin when it is not wet. So, spray perfume on your body only after taking a shower.

3. Do not spray it all over your body

A perfume should be sprayed only on pulse points. This is the case even if the perfume is very light. Spraying it all over your body is a faux pas. After all, you don’t want to smell like you have cloaked yourself in scent.

4. Apply perfume at the back of your neck and behind your ears

Applying perfume at the back of your neck and ears will not just draw your man in, it will also help you to smell fresh. These points on the body help diffuse the perfume and make it last longer.

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