5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Husband

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day for Your Husband

There was a time when Valentine’s Day gave you goose bumps! So now that you are married, has it lost its luster? Wake up, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so enjoy it with the man you love – your husband. You can spend the day by exchanging gifts, cooking and having a candlelight dinner and indulging in other activities. However, if you both are tired of the conventional ways of celebrating and wish to do something different this year, here are some tips.

1. Stay in bed!

If all these years, Valentine’s Day has been about going outside and splurging, this year for a change, you can just celebrate it in your bed! Stay dressed in your pajamas, have food in bed, watch movies, talk and just enjoy each other’s company throughout the day. If both of you are working professionals, this is the best break you can give yourselves.

2. Get intimate

There is something special about cozying up on the day of love and affection. Buy some sexy lingerie, decorate the home suggestively or just do something different to express your love. Cuddling and making love might be just what he wants for the day. In fact, a survey revealed that 70% men want to indulge in making love on Valentine’s Day! Take a clue from here, as this can be the best gift for your man.

3. Gift him a massage at home

Call in a masseuse and surprise your husband with some relaxing strokes. He will feel pampered and would completely love the experience. Turn your living room into a wonderful massage parlor for him with scented candles and soft music. If you can do the massaging for him, he will be more happy.

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