5 Reasons to Watch Falling Skies

5 Reasons to Watch Falling Skies

If you haven’t yet seen the Falling Skies series or are planning to give it a skip, then we can give you some of the reasons to change your mind. Here are a few good reasons to watch this exciting series.

1. A fresh story line

Unlike most shows that involve aliens, this one is based on the fact that aliens successfully invaded and have taken over the planet. The intergalactic monsters in Falling Skies have even destroyed 90% of the Earth’s population. What we have in this series is a few number of humans who are resisting and hope to survive in a post invasion world.

2. Spectacular action

Thanks to the fact that Steven Spielberg is the executive producer of this show, you have a huge budget and exciting action. It is treat for all those who love a sci-fi show with an epic story and big explosions. You do not have the ugly rubber suits or the not-so-real tentacles. The state of the art CGI aliens also have superb modes of destruction and technologically advanced weaponry.

3. The element of mystery

The fact that the show has kept its cards close to the chest is the reason why it manages to keep the audiences glued. Even after the first season of the show, you do not exactly know what the aliens want from planet Earth. They are shown to have a keen interest in the kids. We also find them attaching strange harnesses to the kids’ spines in order to control their brains.

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