7 Reasons Why People Hate Justin Bieber

7 Reasons Why People Hate Justin Bieber

Justin might be the most talked about celeb, but he’s also on some people’s hate list. You’re wondering why? Well, that’s precisely why I’ve listed down 7 reasons why people hate Justin Bieber.

1. His feminine voice

At least 4 out of 10 people came to me and told me that the first time they heard Justin’s song on the radio, they actually thought it was a girl! It was just so difficult for them to believe that it was a male singer. “He’s like 17 now, hasn’t his male genes kicked in by now?” This is what one of my colleagues had to say.

2. His puppy dog-like face

After listening to his voice, my friend decided to go online to have a look at who’s this Justin who sings like a girl. When he saw his face, it took him five minutes to figure out whether it was a boy or a girl. Recently my cousin saw a picture of Justin and Selena together and this is what she had to say. “No jokes, they look like sisters. I would recommend plastic surgery to the lovely, dear Justin if he ever wants to know how it feels to look like a man!”

3. His boring songs

After listening to a few Justin songs, my co-worker exclaims, “Okay his first song must have been cool. But after that, all his songs sound the same. No difference! They all have words that are too predictable. They all are either about looking at a girl or trying to win a girl.” Well, in that case, I’d suggest, Justin grow up! The audience wants a variety you know. I hope you’re listening.

4. He thinks no end of himself

Well, I personally don’t hate this chap but I was shocked when Justin, in a recent interview, blurted out a statement insulting Mariah Carey. Okay, I do understand that her voice might have gone through a few changes during the last couple of years, but that does not make her a bad singer. She’s a far better singer than Justin, and has won many more awards than Justin can only dream of. I think that could be one more reason why people hate Justin.

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  1. Supernova says:

    Sorry to whoever wrote this article. But it sounds like you ranting and raving. Im not a fan but he clearly got the talent to go far and he is stil a kid and you say he has to grow up? Why? The only point I would agree with is thr one about Maria Carey but furthermore it sounds like you have J.B. issues. LOL

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