7 Tips to be a Good Role Model for Your Kids

7 Tips to be a Good Role Model for Your Kids

We all crave admiration, however the greatest of admiration is when it comes from your kids. If your kids see you as their role model, it means you are definitely doing something right – both as an individual and as a parent. Read on to know how to be a role model for your kids.

1. Display good manners at all times

Never take the practice of good manners lightly. Be correct with your table manners and use of language even when you are relaxing at home. Your kids will be able to sense the respect and admiration that your manners and etiquette will garner from your peers and want to emulate you.

2. Be organized

If you come across as a bumbling person who forgets where he/she put that important file then it is unlikely your kid would want to be like you. To be able to rise in your child’s eyes, you need to become a person who has things in control and can be reliable. These are undoubtedly qualities you would your kids to have as well, so for their sake buckle up!

3. Keep your vices in moderation

Alcohol makes fools out of all us, no exceptions. If you have a habit of drinking one too many and you think it makes you look like an adorable bear, think again. Your boisterous behavior might come across as embarrassing to your kids and he or she is unlikely to take you or your guidance seriously in the future. Besides, if your child sees how you face a constant health risk because of drinking and smoking and still persist at it, it’s going to cause him or her a lot of stress and trauma at young age.

4. Learn to be calm

One of the chief things that parents provide to their kids is a sense of safety and security. This obviously won’t happen if you lose your head over every little crisis in life. You need to be a pillar of strength and serenity during the ups and downs of life for your kids to learn to depend on you and respect you for it. Only then will they be able to not be entirely embarrassed to introduce you their friends !

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