5 Things You should Never Say to Your Boss

Things You should Never Say to Your Boss

Talking to your boss is hard enough, and then opening your mouth only to say something you shouldn’t have? Now that is a real screw up. Here are 5 things you should never say to your boss.

1. “That’s simply impossible”

Saying that even without taking on the task completely puts you down in front of your boss. Always be the solution-giver. Concentrate on what you can do rather than what you can’t. Don’t be the person to have a reputation of not being able to get any work done. “Sorry, it can’t be done” is not what you boss has hired you for.

2. “Oh but I’m sure X, Y or Z can do a better job than me”

The above statement is not an escape route. If the boss approaches you for ideas or problem-solving, then it is your duty to take it up gracefully instead of passing it on to someone else and accepting your defeat. If you yourself feel that someone else can do the job better, then what reason are you giving you boss to still keep you in office? Take up the challenge and put yourself in the spotlight for a promotion.

3. “I’m technologically challenged”

It’s true that not everyone is at ease with handling technology. But technology is only supposed to make you more efficient and increase productivity. So show the positive spirit in you and be open to learning the new things.

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