7 Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend

7 Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend

Dirty talk is a great stimulant during sex. Some go for erotic pictures and others look at videos to get them in the mood or get them started. When you have had a partner for long, sex at times tends to get boring; to add spice to your sex life and to make it more exciting, try talking dirty when you are having sex with your partner. Guys love women who talk dirty; it just drives them wild and nuts for you. Just imagine his surprise and shock to hear you talk dirty in bed when you are normally a little shy. Talking dirty also means that you want him more and that you are making an effort to make the sex better. If your partner is the one always taking the initiative, give him the shock of his life by talking dirty. If you have never tried it before, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

1. Put in words what you are experiencing

If he is going down on you and you love it, say it aloud, tell him how you enjoy him going down on you. Ask him to take it slow or fast or however you want to. Men don’t know what you like or don’t like, so tell him, moan a little and sound naughty and dirty.

2. It doesn’t have to be unrefined

Talking dirty doesn’t mean you have to use vulgar words. If you are comfortable getting downright dirty, use phrases like, “You look so hot”, “Awww, you are gonna make me die” and so on.

3. It’s the intonation

Use your sexiest voice, sound husky, even if he can’t process everything you are saying, your tone would tell him loud and clear.

4. Be descriptive and creative

Tell him he’s got the best body, compliment him on his abs, or his washboard stomach, or if he is just normal, tell him you love the way he looks and how his body moves with yours and feels on you.

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