7 Qualities You Need to Become a Good Teacher

 Qualities You Need to Become a Good Teacher

Good teachers have certain qualities in common that make them likeable and respectable. If you are thinking of taking up teaching as a profession or you already are a teacher, know some of the crucial qualities that every good teacher must have.

1. Good teachers have patience

Patience is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher. If you want to be a teacher, you will need patience in abundance. Your tolerance level will need to be high and you will have to give a lot of time for change to be visible in the behavior or academic capabilities of your students.

2. The ability to explain things clearly

Not everyone is naturally blessed with the ability to explain things in a clear and confusion free manner. It can be something as simple as informing the students of their exam schedules or something as complex as explaining them a complicated algebra equation, good teachers are known to be masters at explaining things. They have the ability to break complicated things down in to simpler little bits and explain it to their students.

3. Self knowledge in subject areas

An important quality of good teachers is that they are expected to be well versed with the subjects they teach. A good teacher is unlikely to be ever left in doubt when a student asks a question. Well rounded knowledge in and around their subject areas is an essential trait.

4. Being able to enjoy working with people of ages and backgrounds

High school teachers are expected to be able to enjoy working with young children while tutors and professors in college should enjoy working with students in their twenties and beyond. But even besides the students themselves, teachers are required to interact with their peers and other faculty members of different age groups. In this light, being able to enjoy working with people from all ages and backgrounds is a quality that is expected of a good teacher.

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