6 Tips on How to Know If a Guy is Using You

Tips on How to Know If a Guy is Using You

Having a boyfriend is a wonderful thing. But, sometimes you could be mistaken! You might mistake a fake relationship for a real one. What if your boyfriend is using you? What if he is not really serious about you, and is just being with you for his own egoistic purposes? Moreover, how would you know if such is the case? Listed below are 6 signs that will tell you that a guy is using you:

1. He asks for money

He never seems to have enough money. Once in a while, he really might be in need, but if you find that it is gradually becoming a routine, and that he is frequently borrowing cash from you, then you should exercise caution. Note whether he pays you back or not. If he does, well and good; but if he doesn’t and promises to pay you back in “other” ways, steer clear from his way. It is a sure sign that he is using you as a financial back-up.

2. He refrains from being affectionate when in public

When behind closed doors, he is so romantic, and all hands! But when it comes to displaying affection in public, he is wary. And he gives excuses as to why it is inappropriate. He might even give you lame excuses or try to change the topic when you confront him, but if such is the case, then you should be careful. It could be a sign that he is only using you.

3. He introduces you as a “friend”

He introduces you as a “friend” to people. If such is the case, he might not see you as a potential partner, and you should know this! If he is very romantic with you when the two of you are on your own, but whenever you are in public, he refers to you as only a friend, he is avoiding any link-up with you. You should be careful, for he could be using you.

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