5 Kinds of Boyfriends You should Never Feel Bad Dumping

Kinds of Boyfriends You should Never Feel Bad Dumping

There are times in your life when you feel like you would give anything to be single again, times when you think being single was the best thing that you ever had and you look back with nostalgia at your single days. This is when things are not going exactly smooth on the relationship front and you desperately want to ditch your boyfriend. Many of us stay in a relationship that we hate only because we cannot bring ourselves to ditch the guy. No matter how unhappy we are, we just continue with the relationship to avoid the overwhelming guilt factor associated with ditching someone. You think of all the possible damage you could do to him and try to put yourself in his shoes. But if you think you will feel bad dumping your boyfriend and it is a reason you are in a painful relationship, take heart, as with some guys you really shouldn’t. Here are some kinds of boyfriends you should never feel guilty about ditching.

1. The vain ones

Some guys are so vain and are obsessed about themselves to an extent that they cannot look beyond themselves. These kinds of boyfriends can never make you happy and you will always be expected to play second fiddle to them. Life and the relationship you have with him will be centered around him with your needs and desires largely unattended to and inconsequential. You should definitely not feel guilty getting out of a relationship with him.

2. The abusive ones

It is not just the physical abuse but also mental abuse that can seriously damage you. A lot of men resort to emotional abuse because unlike physical abuse this is not visible and they can get away easily with it. They also do it in such a way that you constantly feel guilty about yourself and find yourself apologizing every single day. There is one thing though that you should never feel guilty about when you are in such a relationship ­­­- guilty about ditching him. Get rid of him as soon as you can and start being happy.

3. The forever busy ones

If he does not have enough time for you because he is either too busy at work or making money, then he should not be having a girlfriend to begin with and there is no reason as to why you should be sacrificing your time, energy and love when he is not reciprocating in kind. Go for someone who would treasure you and also respect your love and time. Never feel guilty about ditching someone who takes your time and love for granted.

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