7 Sure Ways to Become Famous

7 Sure Ways to Become Famous

Did you know that every 4th person in the USA has appeared at least once on TV? Well everyone loves to be famous, soak in the limelight and garner all the attention, even if for 15 minutes. If you too harbor such a dream, then keep in mind that giving auditions and trying your luck in Hollywood or Broadway is very tough, and very few aspirants get to go to the top. Here are some of the easier and sure shot ways by which you will become popular.

1. Take part in a ‘reality’ show

The easiest way to get in the limelight is by taking part in any of the million ‘reality’ shows on air. There are singing shows, dancing shows, dating shows, quiz shows and a hell lot of many other kinds of shows that are your tickets to fame.

2. Try making celeb friends

Get to know where celebs hang out, where they party, which gym they use and ask around your friend circle whether they know anyone connected to a celebrity. If you are a social, outgoing extrovert, it will be very easy for you to strike a friendship with those who are friends of celebrities, and thus be friends with the celebrities themselves. That’s it then, get invited to parties, functions, etc., be seen with them and get clicked everywhere you go.

3. Try dating a celeb

If being friends has worked, or even if it has not worked, try your hand at seducing a celeb. It could be a starlet, rock star, boy band member, actor, director, just about anyone famous. Make sure you charm him well enough to be his arm candy at several glitzy events and rest assured you will be famous for the rest of your life.

4. Be sensational

Create an edgy sense of style, different from all others, something that breaks conventions and societal norms. Write a tell-all, confessional blog and sensationalize or spice it up with juicy details. In short, be different, be sensational. Think out of the box or hire a PR agent to do the thinking and spreading goodwill about you, while you garner attention.

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