5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes and Face from Ultraviolet Rays

 Ways to Protect Your Eyes and Face from Ultraviolet Rays

Sunlight is good for health. Although there is no doubt about it and it is the only natural source of Vitamin D, a little too much of sunlight can also be harmful. It can cause your skin to burn, break out and too much exposure can redden your skin, making it sensitive and eventually even end up causing skin cancer. Physicians always advice that it is best to go out in the sun or get a bit of sunlight before 9 in the morning and after 4 in the evening. The sun’s rays are at their least harmful around these times and are actually quite beneficial to your body. But alas, not all of us can afford to stay indoors the rest of the day. We will have to go out either to work or to run errands. In such cases, it is best if we protect ourselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Here are some ways to protect your eyes and face from ultraviolet rays.

1. Apply sunscreen

Talk with your dermatologist and find out which sunscreen lotion or spray is best for your skin. A cream or a lotion with a higher SPF is not always the best, so it is good to find out the solution that works best for your skin. You also need to keep applying it every 20 minutes when you are spending long hours in the sun, especially when you are at the beach or when you are playing in the snow.

2. Wear sun shades

It is important to protect your eyes as much as it is important to protect the rest of your body. You can close your eyes when the sun beats down directly on your eyes when you are driving or when you go skiing or snowboarding. To prevent this, you should wear good quality sun shades. Wear shades that cover a lot of your eyes. Wraparounds are preferable when you spend a lot of time on reflective surfaces like sand, snow and water.

3. Wearing a floppy hat

Wearing a floppy hat has a lot of advantages. It makes you look good when you pair it with a dress or when you pair it with jeans. It protects both your face and your eyes and you also can make sure that your face does not get burnt with the large flaps shading your face.

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