5 Tips for Choosing Toys for Your toddler

Tips for Choosing Toys for Your toddler

Toys have a great impact on the development of a child. A child picks up several vital skills while playing with different kinds of toys. With a myriad collection of toys available in the market today, picking the ones that would best help in the overall development of the growth of the child will be easy. Check out some tips for choosing toys for your toddler here.

1. Pick toys that can be used in different ways

Children love toys that they can pull apart, bring together, put in and pull out. Buy toys that your child can use for playing different kinds of games. Such toys encourage your child to be more creative and develop his skills. For instance, wooden blocks can be used to make different things such as a bridge, a home, a bus and several different objects.

2. Choose toys that prepare him/her to read

Some toys such as magnetic alphabet letters enable your child to develop early reading and writing skills. They also help him/her increase his/her familiarity with text, letters and print.

3. Get toys that challenge him/her

Look for toys that are a little above the skill level of your child. It is required that your child has toys that he can play with as well as those that challenge him. However, this challenge should be stimulating and fun, and not frustrating.

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