5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Healthy At School

5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Healthy At School

“The best place for our children to fall sick is at school”, complained Donna, sarcastically. “By applying some smart parenting tips on keeping your children healthy at school, you can make sure that they are not harassed with sick leaves and loads of homework to catch up on”, she added. Here are a few parenting tips from Donna.

1. Wash hands frequently

“The first parenting tip that you should give your children to stay healthy at school is to wash hands frequently”, said Donna. “One of the main reasons why children contract contagious eye, nose, throat and skin related infections is because their hands are exposed to a thousand varieties of bacteria”, she explained.

2. Don’t share bottles or spoons

This parenting tip given by Donna makes a lot of sense. We see kids at school eating food from each others’ cutlery and drinking from each others’ bottles all the time. Now, that’s the easiest way kids can fall sick. To make sure your kids stay healthy at school, tell them not to share bottles or spoons with their friends.

3. Don’t eat junk

“I’m not trying to say that school cafeteria food is pure junk. The only parenting tip I mean to give you here is to persuade your child to eat as much home food as possible. Hunger pangs at school are common and the best way to counter them is by eating fresh fruits and veggies from home, not the vending machine junk”, said Donna.

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