8 Things You should Quit to be More Successful

5. Saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’

When you say ‘yes’ to anything and everything, you open yourself up to be taken for granted. You should know that if you allow yourself to be a doormat, then that is how you shall be treated. Say ‘no’ when you think you should say ‘no’. Stop doing favors to people unnecessarily. Unless there is something in it for you, you have every right to say ‘no’. This obviously does not mean that you should not help a friend in need or a helpless person in trouble, but do not let anybody take advantage of you.

6. Holding on to your past

Quit holding on to your past if you wish to be successful. Your past, whatever and however it is, does not in any way affect you except in so far as you allow it to. Holding on to your past holds you back from doing things that will propel you towards success. If you have had a bad experience, use it as a lesson. If someone wronged you, forgive, forget and move on. Look into the future as that is where the success you are looking for lies, not in your past.

7. Victimizing yourself

Stop making a victim of yourself as it will really not get you anywhere. You are not the victim, life is not unfair and the world is not cruel. These things are true only and only if you believe in them. When you complain, you tell yourself that you cannot do anything about a particular situation. So stop complaining and learn how to get your way around. It is not all that difficult. Look around you – everyone is doing just that. You should do it too and in fact make it a way of life, if you wish to achieve your life goals.

8. Having expectations

Don’t have expectations at all. If you expect something to come your way just because you deserve it, stop now. Nothing comes your way just because you deserve it, instead you should ask for it. People who get what they want don’t just wait and expect them to turn up. They work for it, ask for it and achieve it when the opportunity presents itself. You should do it too in order to be successful.

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