6 Health Hazards in Your Handbag

6 Hazards Your Handbag Carries

Your seemingly harmless looking handbag which is your constant companion when out of the house, may actually be the source of quite a few hazards. Every woman carries a handbag and more often than not, it’s a huge one stuffed with a variety of things deemed as essential by the woman. You could be risking your health though, by carrying this handbag in an improper way. This list will enlighten you more about the possible shortcomings of your handbag.

1. Too heavy

Women have this nasty and harmful habit of over stuffing their bags, thus carrying a minimum of 1-3kgs everyday in one hand. Even if they do decide to stick to a smaller purse, they end up collecting stuff which they deem as necessary for survival out of the house and thus loading themselves over a period of time. Carrying a heavy luggage like this at all times, balancing the bag on your elbow or shoulder, can lead to injuries of muscles as well as bones. It negatively affects the back, shoulder and arms.

2. Expired makeup

Women have a bad habit of stashing any and every kind of makeup product in their bag. From lipsticks to eyeliners, glosses to foundation bottles, they seem to have a whole makeup kit in there. However, not remembering when you had kept that lipstick tube or last applied that rouge and letting it all rot away in the bag spells hazard. They mix and collect all sorts of bacteria along with lots of dirt. Plus, makeup stored in a stuffy pouch tends to expire faster than a securely and airily placed product, leading you to unknowingly use something that has gone stale.

3. Filthy papers

Handbags are generally stuffed with a number of things made of paper and cloth such as notes, visiting and business cards, tissues, handkerchiefs, etc. Again, just like other stuff, such things can and do collect bacteria, germs and viruses over time that will lead to infections, allergies, flu, cold and even more serious ailments.

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