7 Things That Turn Men On

7 Things That Turn Men On

A man is always charmed by a woman’s grace. And when the woman he likes reciprocates his feelings, he feels like being on the 7th heaven. There are a variety of ways through which a woman can make a man notice her and turn him on. They are pretty simple, and can work wonders. Read ahead and find out the things that turn men on.

1. Smile

Men are wooed by the smile of a woman. When the man talks to you, smile back and pretend to hear him. A man always likes to see a woman smiling as he feels important and guesses that the woman is interested in him.

2. Compliments

Yes, complimenting a man is one of the things that turn men on too. Just like women, men too are enthralled when a woman tells her man that he looks handsome or perhaps he is one of the best persons she knows. It makes the man understand how much the lady values him and makes him interested in her.

3. Eyes

The eyes of a woman are a wonderful tool to turn a man on. Stare at him or just look at him when he is talking to you and he is bound to notice. A simple stare with your beautiful eyes is enough to turn him on!

4. Dress

Dressing is another great way and one of the coolest things to do to turn men on. Do not dress provocatively, but in a way which covers your body yet gives a sensual appeal to you. Men are drawn towards sensuous dresses and it can definitely turn them on.

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