5 Homemade Scrubs That Will Make Your Skin Look Fresh And Beautiful

5 Homemade Scrubs That Will Make Your Skin Look Fresh And Beautiful

A beautiful skin is a dream of everyone. But it is difficult to maintain a beautiful skin. The dust and pollution outside and the layer of dead cells makes your skin look dull and unhealthy. One of the best remedies to eliminate such impurities from your skin is to remove them gently using a scrub. Body scrubs serve you in 3 ways; they help in removing dead skin, they provide the skin with essential oils and moisturize it, and they also contain essential oils that are usually used in aromatherapy. You may find markets flooded with many body scrubs. But they contain many chemicals that might be harmful for your skin. But you have an alternative to that. You can make a homemade scrub to help your skin look fresh and beautiful. Following are few homemade scrubs that can exfoliate your skin in a healthy and natural way.

1. Sugar, sea salt and oatmeal scrub

One of the most basic and the most easiest scrub is the sugar, sea salt, and oatmeal scrub. You can also use other ingredients like cornmeal, olive oil, milk, yogurt, cocoa, vanilla and honey to get better results.

2. Coffee scrub

It is made by mixing grounded coffee, sugar or salt, oil and brown sugar or vanilla. There are many benefits of this coffee scrub. Firstly, it helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite, secondly it protects against the signs of aging, and thirdly it soothes irritation of skin. The fragrance of this scrub is something that you will surely never forget.

3. Almonds, flour, milk & honey scrub

Mix honey with finely grounded almonds, 1 tablespoon of flour and 3 tablespoons of milk. Massage this mixture on face or body. This scrub not just exfoliates the skin but also makes the skin smooth and moisturizes it.

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