10 Super Tips for Staying Healthy in Summer

Super Tips for Staying Healthy in Summer

Summer is a delight – the sun, the warmth, the colors and the clothes. A respite from the cruel winter is what summer brings. But along with it comes certain other troubles. Here are some super tips for staying healthy in summer.

1. Stay hydrated

The first tip for everyone in the summers is to stay hydrated. Sipping water throughout the day replenishes the body with lost nutrients from sweating. Also, your body must be adequately hydrated to stay fit and healthy. Water also stops you from over-eating. However, water is no substitute to regular healthy foods.

2. Look after your skin

Summer is when ultra-violet rays from the sun are strong. Overexposure to sun can cause many skin disorders. Using a hat, long sleeved light clothing and applying sunscreens are essential every time you step out during the day. Make sure you carry aloe vera gel along just in case you get sunburn. Secondly, summers mean proper skin care regime. Wash your face twice every day to get rid of accumulated dirt and grime, gentle exfoliation twice a week and moisturizing thereafter are essential.

3. Stay cool

Ventilation in the summers is mandatory. Make sure the room you stay or work in is well ventilated and airy. Also, the highest part of a home or any building just below the roof is often the hottest. Move to the basement or the lower levels to beat summer heat.

4. Focus on your diet

It is important to eat smaller meals and smaller meals mean eating more often. This does not just help your body generate lesser metabolic heat to process the calories but also helps you maintain your body weight to the optimum. Foods high in protein increase metabolic heat and hence reducing their amounts in your daily diet is recommended.

5. Shower every day

A shower is important and don’t skip it, no matter what. However, water temperature should be just below your body temperature. While it may be tempting and soothing to bathe in cold water, cold water has the ability to make your body generate heat subsequently to compensate for its loss during a cold shower.

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