6 Things to Know About a Taurus Man

Things to Know About a Taurus Man

The bull is the symbol of the Taurus man and he shares a lot of similarities with the bull. Born between the 21st of April and the 21st of May, the Taurus man is the earthiest of all the sun signs. Sometimes he can be a pretty difficult person to deal with, but once you get used to his ways, the two of you can be very happy. Here are some things to know about a Taurus man, if a certain someone has taken your fancy and you want to know more or know what to expect.

1. Tenacious

If there is one defining character about a Taurus man, it is his tenacious nature. He holds on to things pretty tight and does not let go that easily. Be it a person he loves, a job he wants or a goal that he sets for himself. Once he is on to something it is almost next to impossible to divert his attention from it or convince him to think otherwise. Tenacity can be his middle name.

2. Materialistic

A Taurus man would love to surround himself with the best things that life has to offer. Although he is not very artistic himself he is definitely artsy. You will find him surrounded by the finer things of life and he has a deeper appreciation for goof food, wine and the arts. He is also very materialistic and would like to buy and own things.

3. Workaholic

You will find that a Taurus man will be a workaholic to the point of exasperating you. Be prepared for a lot of cancelled dates and appointments. He would easily choose work over a date night with you. But all is not in vain as he would be eyeing a pot of gold at the end and will also get it eventually.

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