4 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Been having a lot of successive night outs and going to the office with some serious raccoon eyes? Insomnia give you those big puffy bags underneath those eyes? Staying up all night and partying hard are not the only reasons you have dark circles under your eyes. There are a lot of factors that cause dark circles to form under your eyes. It could be hereditary, it can be caused by a cold or sinus infection, it also could be because you have a problem with your liver or are anemic, or it could be because you have periorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition where there is a little more melanin produced under the eyes. Since the skin under your eyes is very thin, scratching your eyes too often and rubbing them also causes you to have dark circles around them. Before you try to get rid of the dark circles, it would help if you knew what’s causing those dark circles. Instead of piling on makeup to reduce their appearance you can try these simple home remedies to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

1. Have a diet that is rich in Vitamin A, K, E and C

A vitamin deficiency can also be the reason you are having dark circles under your eyes. Have a balanced diet that is also rich in Vitamin A, K and C. Foods such as liver, carrot, pumpkin, spinach, leafy vegetables, apricot, mango, peach, eggs, papaya, cantaloupe, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, kiwi fruit, avocados, mango, vegetable oils, wheat germ, corn, sunflower are all good sources of vitamins, increase blood flow and prevent clotting and seeping of blood from the veins underneath your eyes and prevent dark circles from forming.

2. An iron rich diet

Anemia is another reason you may have dark circles under your eyes. This can be rectified by eating iron rich foods. Foods such as prunes, raisins, spinach, kidney, kale, leafy vegetables and liver are good sources of iron. You can also take iron pills and supplements but be careful with how much iron you take as a lot of iron in the body could lead to iron poisoning. Increase your iron intake during your menstruation and pregnancy as you tend to become anemic around this time.

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