3 Types of Hair Extensions for Teens

3 Types of Hair Extensions for Teens

Teenagers like to experiment with their hair on every occasion. Teens today are quite careful about the way they look. They like to try new hairstyles. Hair extensions have become a rage, and every teenager wants to try it. Hair extensions for teenagers are available in many forms. Some of them include synthetic, natural and streaks. Listed below are some more types.

1. Feather hair extensions

The most preferred choice for teenagers, feather hair extensions are getting popular with time. These extensions are available in funky colors like blue, red, and purple. These extensions can be clipped on hair without any extra effort. Part your hair, where you need the extensions. Simply twirl the extensions and your hair is ready. Feather hair extensions are also available in clip-ins. It can make you look cool and sexy in no time.

2. Colored hair extensions

Colored hair extensions are available in natural and synthetic forms. Colored hair extensions can make you look funky. Most of the teens like to follow Emo and Punk look. These extensions are a great way to get that right look. The preferred colors are red, pink, and yellow. However, red colored hair extensions are used for Emo style. Applying the hair extension is easy with clip or glue.

3. Human hair extensions

Many teens prefer this hair extension type because of its natural effect. Synthetic hair extensions can be harmful for hair. However, human hair extensions are made from natural hair. They are safe to apply on hair. Many teens also use these hair extensions to add volume to hair. These hair extensions are available in clips-ins and glue form, so applying the hair extension becomes easy.

Many teenagers resort to hair extensions for quick makeover or new hairstyle. As these extensions are available in different shapes and colors, it becomes easy to match with the dress. Teens can experiment with the texture of hair using the hair extensions. Nowadays, hair extensions are available in curled textures. Therefore, anyone can change hair texture in minutes.

The only thing teenagers should keep in mind is proper use of hair extensions. Go ahead and change your style!

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