How To Look Good In A Selfie

How To Look Good In A Selfie

Clicking of photographs in the conventional manner has now been replaced by the clicking of selfies. Gone are the days when we would request a passerby to stop and click a picture of us; we now do it ourselves with selfies. People all over the world are enjoying the selfie craze so much that we now have selfie sticks (kind of like tripods or handheld sticks for you to attach your phones on it and click pictures) available in the market. Celebs often post their selfies on social media platforms and that has inspired a lot of people to do the same.

However, just like regular pictures, people often wonder how they can make themselves look good in selfies too. Considering you are the one clicking the picture, and are able to see yourself sometimes via a frontal camera on the phone, a lot of things are under your control and can be manipulated.

Listed here are some tips on how to look good in a selfie.

1. Find The Right Angle

Many people often click 4 or 5 different images before selecting one finally. This happens because not everyone knows what the best angle for them is, or which profile of theirs looks better on camera. If you are new to this, then it will take you a little while to understand whether your face looks better when tilted up or down, or whether your right profile is better than the left one etc. So use the frontal camera to your advantage and move around to see what angle is the best for you.

2. Get The Right Light

If you shoot against the direction of light, you’ll end up getting dark pictures. So find the right amount of light falling on you directly to make you look good in the picture. Again, you will have to move around and test different things to do this.

3. Get The Right Background

You don’t want a background tree to look like it’s coming out of your head. You also don’t want a monument top to look like it’s coming out from your back! So make sure that you move around and place yourself against your background properly, such that both things are visible properly and without overlapping each other.

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