3 Reasons You must not be Obsessed to Get a Thigh Gap

Reasons You must not be Obsessed to Get a Thigh Gap

Fashion trends can sometimes make people do crazy things. That’s quite the case with the concept of ‘thigh gap’ too. You find every alternate woman craving to get a thigh gap, because they think that it’s vital to have it in order to look good. However, that’s not true at all! Looking good never depended on a thigh gap! It always depended on dressing comfortably and confidently, however fat or thin you may be. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of sensible style and fashion literacy that needs to be spread all over the world, where women need to understand that they can’t follow the herd mentality and do what everyone else is doing. They need to do what suits their body and their own personal comfort. If you too have been thinking about your fat thighs for quite sometime now and are wondering if a thigh gap is really that important to get, then here are some reasons for you to not be obsessed with it.

1. It reflects an image

A thigh gap reflects the sad image of the kind of society we are living in today, where everyone is obsessed with skinny girls who should be able to fit into tight jeans and mini-skirts. It’s not something that is important to an individual, but is rather more important to a society at large that adores skinny women in magazines, on ramp shows and in movies. They are people whom you will probably never meet you in your life. Then whom exactly are you trying to impress?

2. It’s unhealthy to attain

Women undertake drastic measures, sometimes, in order to be able to get a thigh gap. This ranges from fasting to heavy exercising and what not. And eventually, that causes eating disorders and other kinds of ailments or bodily problems. Think for yourself, is it really worth the stress you are undergoing?

3. It’s not possible for all

Some people just have a different kind of body altogether. They can’t get a thigh gap, come what may, because their body type is different. You are born a certain way, and your body grows and develops in a certain manner because of various hereditary factors. These factors cannot be the same as that of some other person. So each person will have a different body type eventually. You can hope for reducing weight and looking fit, but that never guarantees a proper thigh gap.

It’s important for people to get positive role models, and look up to them rather than some bikini-clad women in fancy magazines. Women need to understand that there is more to them than just their body. If a guy has to like you or love you, he will do it regardless of whether you have a thigh gap or not. The best you can do is to exercise well, eat properly and tone your inner thighs with yoga or other fitness methods in order to make your lower body look good. You should not, however, blindly follow fashion trends or go in for unhealthy treatments or procedures to reach a size zero or get a thigh gap.

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