9 Ways To Become A Better Writer

9 Ways To Become A Better Writer

Writing is the best way of expressing your feelings, thoughts, emotions and opinions. It is almost like therapy when you come back after a long and tiring day, and vent out your thoughts in the form of a daily diary or journal. It’s like a friend who listens to you, keeps all your secrets and lets you be yourself. Of course, some people take up more formal and professional forms of writing, such as working in newspapers or the movie business, or writing books etc. There is plenty of scope for writers to share their work, and even make money out of it.

In the beginning, whenever someone asks you what you want to be in life, it sounds fairly easy to say that you want to become a writer. But as life moves on, you realize that writing is not that easy, after all. You have to constantly keep reinventing yourself and writing fresh content in order to be able to keep people interested in your work. You have to make yourself better each day, otherwise nobody would take you seriously.

Listed here are some ways to become a better writer:

1. Make it a Habit

It’s easy to say that you want to become a popular writer someday. But are you a writer today? Have you written anything today? For you to be popular someday, you need to keep writing everyday. Just calling yourself a writer doesn’t help if you don’t write something everyday. It could be an essay, a blog or anything. But make it a point to keep writing something or the other everyday, to make sure your brain cells don’t rust. Practice makes people perfect, so keep writing even if it’s not a professional task with the end result being that your work gets published somewhere. Write for yourself; for your own creative growth.

2. Create a Space

You have to avoid distractions when you work. You have to focus wholly and solely on what you do to be able to make it a serious affair. Create a space in your house or office where there is nothing else except for your writing tools and related equipment. Keep the space clean and uncluttered, preferably with a nice large window to let some fresh air come in.

3. Save Your Ideas

Many times, we get a good thought, but we don’t keep a record of it. We think that we’ll work on it later, but most of the times we forget the thought and regret it. Good writers always save their ideas, even if it means making a record of it while standing in the line at the counter of a supermarket to pay your bill. Keep a small notebook, or write things on your phone or tab etc. It could be phrases, lines, thoughts or just about anything. But save the best of your thoughts always, and never lose them.

4. Understand Your Niche

All writers can’t do all forms of writing. And all writers don’t want to do all types of writing too, because they only enjoy some forms of it. So choose your niche and understand the kind of writing you like the best. Do you like writing fiction or non-fiction? Are you good with dialogues that can be used in movies or are you good with writing details that can be used in the screenplay? What is it that you like writing the most? Understand that, and keep your focus clear. That is very important for streamlining of work by avoiding distractions, and it helps in professional growth.

5. Get Inspired

Good writers always know their niche, and then get inspired by people who are experts in their niche. So if you want to become a novelist who writes in the romance genre, research about the best-selling romance authors and read their works. Get inspired from the best, and learn from them. That will help you to compare your work with them, and you’ll be able to improve your style of writing.

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